Back At It

Welcome back for my third entry in this AFL blog.  I’d first like to thank Chris Blazek for being a guest blogger here earlier in the week.  Very well done, Blazer.  Our second week of playing out here in Scottsdale was alot of fun.  We won a few more games than last week, which will always make for a good time.  Many of the players out here, on our team and others, continue to impress.  The talent out here is everything that it’s made out to be.

Personally, I have gotten back onto the field.  After missing about a week and a half with a hamstring injury, I was cleared to play a few days ago.  It’s great to get back out there.  Anytime you sit out a few games, you realize how much you enjoy playing.  During the course of a long season a day off here and there is nice, but out on the field is where everyone wants to be. 

Our team is having alot of fun together.  The atmospehere in the clubhouse is pretty laid back.  This afternoon Kevin Frandsen brought in his ping pong table from home, and the games are already getting intense.  Another thing that comes along with getting to know eachother is the pranks.  The other day, Chris Johnson got his shoe lit on fire in the dugout by a teammate who will remain nameless.  You have to stay on your toes around this group.

I read a few of the comments from my last post and some people were asking about the transition from pitcher to outfielder.  I love it.  It’s been alot of work, but I’ve been having fun.  I guess the thing that I like most about it is being able to play everyday.  Sitting for four days  in between starts was tough for me.  I like knowing that everyday I show up to the field there is at least the chance that I’ll be in the lineup.  Who knows where I’ll end up as an outfielder, but I know that at the very least I’ll be enjoying myself.

That’s about all for me for this week.  I’ll talk to you all again next Wednesday.



  1. costrosfan


    Glad that you’re back on the field. What do you make of the success you’ve had so far as a position player? You were obviously a talented hitter in college, but it’s got to be difficult for a player who’s played everyday to have that kind of success, much less someone who had the kind of break you did. Is it anything in particular that you do, or has it just come naturally?

  2. Kylie

    Good to hear you’re back and healthy, Brian. Be grateful you can play so often, because last year my softball team only played six games, so that was no fun at all–and I only played one and a half innings, haha.
    I know all about the intensity of ping-pong. My school has a table and some of the guys started a really intense league. It was hilarious just to see how they got into it.
    Have a good week and stay healthy!
    Kylie —

  3. astrosws20

    Good to hear that everything is coming together pretty well out there in the desert for Scottsdale and you personally. Pretty funny hearing about Chris Johnson’s shoe getting lit on fire. He does play the hot corner so I guess it fits haha. If it happened to be you then props. That’s a good one. Well keep knocking it at the plate and look forward to your next blog.

    p.s. If you’re wanting a good prank, blue kool aid in a shower head is always a sure fire way to make someone a smurf for a couple days.

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