Halfway Home

The AFL all-star game has come and gone which means that the season out here is about halfway done.  The first three weeks have gone by so fast that I’m sure the end of the season will be here in no time.  With such a short amout of time left, our coaching staff has been stressing to us how important every day is.  We are still being evaluated daily, and every time we are on the field is a chance to improve.  Our record is a bit discouraging, but there have been many bright spots.  Many good individual performances have been turned in, and on occasion we have played very well as a team but just come up short of a victory.  I guess that’s also part of the development process, being able to stay focused and keep working when things aren’t necessarily going great. 

I wish I had more to tell, but honestly that’s about it.  If there is anything in particular that you all would like to know just write a comment and ask.  Otherwise, I will check in again next week.  Have a safe and happy Halloween.


One comment

  1. trevordchi

    You are seriously on fire man. I have closely followed Astros minor leaguers for the last 4 years and I must admit, after 2.5 years of struggling on the mound I had given up on you like a lot of Astros fans.

    I can’t believe to how well you have responded to being a position player again. Your offensive statistics tell us you are close to being ready for a shot at the big leagues (if our CF had put up an OBP 100 points lower than what you did in AA we would have made the playoffs this year). What do you feel you need to add to, or improve on, in your game that will make you ready for the show? Can’t wait to see you play in person and see what all these scouts are raving about.

    I was expecting you to come back down to earth in the AFL. It must feel good to hit over .400 against the top prospects in the major leagues.

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