Guest blog: chris blazek

Hello astro fans this is chris blazek coming from scottsdale, Az.  I would like to first start out by telling you alittle about myself, I am from Litchfield, CT and attended the university of Vermont.  Outside of baseball I spend most of my time outdoors usually fishing.  I would have to say that the weather down here is alot easier to play baseball in than back home this time of year.  Arizona is 85 to 90 degrees everyday and not a cloud in the sky, I am truly enjoying my first time visiting AZ.  This weekend I am planing on visiting sedona national park about 2 hours away to do some off-roading and hiking.

It is now the Third week of the arizona fall league and our team the Scottsdale scorpion’s are playing much better baseball, our record has improved to 5-8 after an 0-3 start.  Many of the astro prospects have made great contributions to the scorpion’s, drew sutton has hit 3 HR so far including 1 today in a 11-2 win.  Chris johnson had another multiple hit day today as well.  Bud Norris has wasted no time getting used to coming out of the bulpen out here looking sharp in all 3 of his outings and will be representing Scottsdale in the Arizona Fall league all star game this friday night.

It has been an quite a privledge and an honor to play with the likes of fellow big leaguers such as clay bucholtz, and agianst others such as phillip houghes.  We have altleast 5 guys that have broke into the big leagues on our roster that i know of and more in the near future, that I am certain. 

Well thats all for now fans, hope this is a good update.  I will try to answer any questions you may have for me, take care 


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    Very interesting Chris. However, I have two questions for you…how do you tell a female bass from the male bass? Is it the size of the mouth??…and how would you play pocket jacks at a poker table?

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