Number 5

Welcome back for the fifth entry of my AFL Blog.  Not too much has changed here since my last post.  Out here in Arizona, and during the regular baseball season, we spend so much time at the field that all of the days seem to run together.  From Monday until Saturday, it seems we spend all of our time at the stadium.  We do manage, however, to get out a little bit.  Here in Scottsdale there is alot to do and over the past few weeks we have all tried to get out a little bit.  The restaurants here are great, and the nightlife is pretty good as well.  It’s nice to be located in such a nice area.  Many of the cities that we find ourselves in throughout the Minor Leagues don’t have as much to offer as the Scottsdale/Phoenix area.  I even managed to get up to Sedona for a short trip recently.  It was beautiful.  I just wish I had a little more time to spend up there.

As for the Scorpions, we continue to be up and down.  Sometimes we play very well, and sometimes we don’t.  There is no lack of effort, however, as everyone still shows up everyday ready to play hard.

Until next week,





    What is your personal timetable for getting the big leagues and how does that compare to what you think the Astros are expecting? Congrats on the hitting success and keep tearing it up brother.



  2. molinaboy

    Just wanted you to know you have fans in Houston waiting for you to make it here.It looks like your hitting well there in the AFL.I had a couple of questions.Do you have any idea where you’ll start next year(AA or AAA)?What kind of hitter do you see your self as(power hitter)?I post a lot on Astros message boards when I’m bored at work and there are a lot of people that can’t wait to see an outfield of Pence,Lee,and Bogusevic. Well good luck bro the rest of the way in the AFL and next year where ever they start you.i know it won’t be too long before your here at Minute Maid Park.

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